Your Net-Work Affects Your Net-Worth! How to Identify and Connect With The Right People and Upgrade Your Network!

The legendary personal development guru Jim Rohn coined the phrase, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”…

Yikes!  Now let me think about that for a minute…

Who are the 5 people that I’m spending most of MY time with?

When YOU think about your current network of friends and co-workers, who among them is supporting your personal development and growth?

Any of them?  None of them?  All of them?  And is that OKAY?

For most of us, there are a least a couple of people in our daily experience that we could easily label as less-than supportive.  (Heck, they might even be living under the same roof!)  And I’m not suggesting that you immediately stop associating with anyone that does not support your personal or spiritual growth… (Or wait…maybe I am?)

Disassociation is one effective method of improving your network, but for now let’s focus on expanding it.

You live in an age of connectivity in which it has never been easier to improve the quality of your network, and your associations.

But exactly HOW do you “increase your average” and elevate the quality of your network?  Quite simply, by associating with people more educated than you, more intelligent than you, and more talented than you.  And by investing as much time as possible interacting with them and learning from them.

When you surround yourself with ambitious, achievement-driven people, it forces you to improve your own attitude and skill-set.  It causes you to raise your personal standards, and the result is continuous growth and improved relationships.

The virtual explosion of social networking has helped to create an exciting new era of transparency – and there is no end in sight.

Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ are literally obliterating the gap between YOU and the people and mentors that could help you to upgrade your personal or business networks.

And even more important than the incredible access and transparency that exists today, is the blinding speed with which you can begin the upgrading (or overhauling) of your network!  The place to start is within your current sphere of influence.

Today, commit to asking the people in your world this question…

“Who do I know that YOU need to know?”  This approach to helping others to improve their networks will also naturally help you to grow your own associations.

For some fantastic ideas on some of the the do’s and don’ts in social networking, visit Mari Smith’s outstanding blog.

Before long you’ll be on your way to making the perfect connections for upgrading your network!