All You Really Have for Certain is the Here and Now!

I was recently studying a lesson from one of my many mentors, Bob Proctor, and he had posed two simple questions…

“Where are you?”, and What time is it?”

And the only two truthful answers were, “Here” and “Now“.

To drive home his point, he used an old-fashioned sand timer (you know, an hourglass) to illustrate the time that we have left on the planet.

The sand falling from the top represented the Future, and the sand in the bottom represents the Past.  The point where the sand transitions from top to bottom is the Present, the “Now”.

Although it can sometimes be quite difficult, the “Now” is where we need to direct our focus.

As I contemplated the sand in the top of the hourglass, I wondered, how much more time do I have left on this planet?

You see, one of my longer-term goals is to have my daughter take me to Disneyland on my 100th birthday (I’m currently 46 years young).  I fully expect to accomplish that goal!

But the truth is, nobody really knows when their time is up.  And most of us spend far too much time focusing on the Past, or wasting needless time and energy worrying about the Future.

I was reflecting on the tragic story about an old high school buddy that was killed in the line of duty.

I’m sure that if you’d have asked him that fateful morning about how much time he had left on the planet, he’d probably have said “at least another 50 years or so”.

But sadly, it didn’t work out that way.

All we truly have, is “Here“, and “Now“.

I’d like to encourage you to consider and examine what you’re doing and where you’re investing your time, in this very moment.

Are you working on something that matters to you?  Are you looking for ways to contribute whatever capital you possess, whether it’s financial, relational, or spiritual?

My sincere hope is that you live a long, happy, and healthy life.

And I fully expect to see you in Disneyland on June 8th, 2066!