Are Your Actions Being Motivated by Inspiration, or Desperation?

Every result that you are producing today, is the physical expression of your previous thoughts, feelings, and actions.

That can be a hard pill to swallow, especially if you are currently in a place of frustration, worry, doubt, or anxiety.

Often times, when we look at our present results, we are dissatisfied, and wonder why things are not turning out the way that we think they should.

I mean, c’mon… If given the option between choosing Inspiration or choosing Desperation, wouldn’t it seem that the choice is obvious?

And when you take the time to really dig deep into the definitions of Inspiration and Desperation, the choice becomes increasingly clear.

I’d like you to consider the core meanings of these two words, so that you can have a deeper understanding of how they might be influencing you, and your actions.

Inspiration – A result of inspired activity.  Uh, yeah…okay, but what does ‘Inspired’ mean?

InspiredA thing or person that inspires.  (Like that really clears it up!  But what does ‘Inspires’ mean?

Inspires – To guide or control by divine influence.  A-ha!  Now we’re getting somewhere.  But what do they mean by ‘Divine’?

Divine – God-like, surpassing excellence.  Well, God-like makes sense…and what about ‘Excellence’?

Excellence – Having an excellent quality or feature. 

So in other words, BE excellent! 

Now there’s something we can work with.

It stands to reason, that if we focus our time and energy on being excellent,  we’ll feel inspired and we’ll ultimately be an inspiration to ourselves and to others.

Now let’s contrast that with Desperation…

Desperation – The state of being desperate or having the recklessness of despair.  Whoa… ‘Recklessness’ of despair, that sounds serious…what does that mean?

Recklessness – Characterized by carelessness.  Okay, that’s pretty self-explanatory.  How about ‘Despair’?

Despair – Loss of hope.  And finally, what do we mean by ‘Hope’?

Hope – Belief or faith.

So at it’s core, desperation is really a lack of belief or faith.

It’s a lack of belief in a power higher than your own.  Call it God, call it Spirit, call it Infinite Intelligence, call it whatever you want to call it.  But I can assure you, my friend, there is always hope.  In fact, sometimes your faith may be the ONLY thing that you’ll have going for you.  Believe me, it’s enough.

The reality is that sometimes we fail to miss one very important detail, and that is CHOICE.  When I asked you earlier about when given the choice between Inspiration and Desperation, we’d certainly choose Inspiration…

But in life, the truth is that sometimes it seems like we have no choice.  When Life decides to move on us, to teach us some great lesson, it might appear that we have no options.

Remember, the truth is not always in the appearance of things.  You always have a choice.  You can choose your thoughts and your attitude toward things.  You can choose to stay focused on what matters most.  You can choose to BE excellent, even when things or people around you are not.

We know that everything in the Universe has an opposite, and I’d like to suggest to you that Desperation is the opposite of Inspiration.  I’d also like to suggest to you that no matter what circumstances you are facing right now, there is hope.

My friend and mentor Les Brown says it like this; ‘No matter how bad it is, or how bad it gets, I am going to make it!”  Now that is what I call faith!

I’d like to encourage you to be excellent in all that you do, even when faced with things that might seem insurmountable.  Keep hope and faith alive in your heart, and remember that what you focus on expands.

Keep a positive outlook on life, and you’ll get positive results.

They may not show up on your anticipated time-line, or exactly in the way you might expect, but the results will show up.