To Blog or Not To Blog… Have You Ever Asked Yourself That Question?

To blog or not to blog…

For quite some time, my mental jury has been out.

If you looked at the span between my last post and this one, you’d guess that I must have been imprisoned, or maybe I’d suffered a severed hand.  (No disrespect to my amputee friends.)

And it’s not like I don’t like to type, or talk, or share ideas.  Actually, in my roles as an author, speaker, and personal coach, a significant portion of my teaching is always done right here on my computer.  The weird thing is that I write a lot.  Seriously, I’ve got volumes of amazing notes, taken over many years of study in the field of personal development and human achievement.

Plus, in nearly every meeting I’m in, I’m the guy who’s scribbling away, recording every possible detail or random thought that comes to me during the conversation. If we’ve met, you already know one of my standard questions is ,”Do you mind if I take a couple notes?

Recently, I was reviewing some of these notes and I had a sort of out-of-body experience.  For one, as I read my own handwriting, in that moment I had ZERO recollection of what I’d previously written.  And on top of that, the content that I was reading was totally bitchin’.  I mean, really compelling stuff.

Stuff that could be really useful to somebody if they would only apply it.  (By somebody, I mean me, of course).

So I figured I’d start “emptying my brain” (and my file cabinets) in the hopes that you’ll find something inspiring, helpful, or thought-provoking.

(And okay, I’ll also admit that my friends at Amp&Pivot gave me a friendly nudge to get back to blogging!)

So here’s to closing the gap between posts, and between my heart and mind…

“The quality of the questions you ask determines the quality of answers you will receive.” (Tweet this!)

In the spring of 2010 I was in a seminar when the speaker uttered that simple wisdom.  In this moment I’m not recalling the context, except that I remember at that time I had been asking myself some pretty lame questions.  Mostly questions like “Why me?”  As in, “Why did I have to go through all of those staggering personal losses that I took in 2009?”

As I reflect on it now, I know that a better question would have been, “How can I take what I’ve learned during these losses and turn them into an advantage?”  Or maybe, “What can I do next time around to insure that I maintain a positive, optimistic outlook for my future and what’s possible for me?”

Those are much better questions, don’t you think?

Regardless of the questions we ask ourselves, our subconscious mind will ALWAYS begin searching for the answers.

Simple math… Ask better questions = Get better answers.

We’re always talking to ourselves, and it doesn’t matter if it’s silent or aloud.  Focus on solution-based questions, and you’ll quickly find that solutions will consistently show up for you.

Remember this truth when you’re tempted to ask yourself a question that has an answer that cannot possibly support you, or your growth.

What’s a recent question that you’ve asked yourself and probably wish you didn’t?  I love to hear your comments!