Who Am I? (The Man in The Mirror Has A Thing or Two to Say About It)

(This post is #10 in a series of 20 Questions to Self that I recently posted on this blog.)

I’d like to encourage you to ask and answer these questions, too.  The insights you discover will inspire you.

Q:  Who am I in the big picture of it all?

A:  For the answer to this question, I decided to get in front of the mirror and ask myself, “Who ARE you?”

At first, the answers seemed to come pretty easily.  I’m a father, a husband, an author, a speaker, a coach, a friend of Jesus, a drummer, a real estate investor, a jumbo mortgage guy…  You know, all of these labels that are associated with the roles in which I serve.

But those words are just labels, right?  They don’t describe the real ME.  They don’t describe how I feel.  Those words don’t describe my heart.  Yet that’s how I’m known in the world.

One or more of those titles is probably how I’m known to you.

And after I was finished with MY list, the man in the mirror had a few more answers.   (The truth is, I wasn’t really all that interested in hearing what HE had to say.)

Yet just because the truth is painful doesn’t mean you don’t need to hear it. (TWEET THIS)through_fingers

The truth is that the man in mirror knows all of my secrets.  He knows that on most days, I’m just afraid.

  • I’m afraid that the words I speak or write will not make an impact…
  • I’m afraid that today could be the day that my wife says, “I just can’t wait any longer for things to turn around… I’m out of here.”
  • I’m afraid that my soon-to-be-teenage daughter is going to stop being the amazingly-too-good-to-be-true version of Daddy’s little girl…
  • I’m afraid that you might find out that on some days, all I want to do is disappear.

But I don’t.  I keep showing up, and I keep believing that my best is yet to come.  Because I am an OPTIMIST.  That is who I am.

And I believe that YOUR best is yet to come, too.

I found this quote recently from Tolstoy that said, “The existence of death compels us either to give up life of our own free will, or to change our life in such a way as to give it meaning that cannot be taken from it by death.

All I want to do is live my life in a way that creates meaningful experiences for those around me.

All of the circumstances in life that test you, and try you, and threaten to break you, are just an illusion.  I know they can seem real.  I know the pain feels real.  I’m with you… I’ve been through some stuff, too.

The next time you look in the mirror, remember that you’re here for a purpose, you were meant for more, and your best is yet to come.

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