You Are More Than Your Circumstances (At Least That’s What I Keep Telling Myself!)

(This post is #9 in a series of 20 Questions to Self that I recently posted on this blog.)

I’d like to encourage you to ask and answer these questions, too.  The insights you discover will inspire you.

Q:  What are you doing today to challenge yourself to overcome undesirable circumstances?

A:  Prayer, Affirmation, Study, and Taking Action.  (In that sequence… P.A.S.T.A.)

I’m remembering a lesson I once heard from Bob Proctor.  It had to do with accountability, responsibility, and holding a vision for a better future.

He said, “Your present circumstances are not an indication of what’s possible for you.  They are only a result of your thoughts, feelings, and actions of the past.  What’s possible for you is unlimited.”

As I reflect on that thought, it gives me hope for a better future, for sure…

But what I really want is a better “now”.  Don’t you?

In my decades of study in the field of personal development, I’ve found that there are seasons in which things just don’t seem to go your way.  Sometimes these seasons are short, other times they are painfully longer than any person should have to bear.

The challenge is, to not allow those situations to derail you on your journey toward your goals.

I’ve found that if I’m spending an appropriate amount of time focused on what’s important, then undesirable circumstances are soon replaced with more favorable outcomes.  Not always on my timeline, but without fail.

Here’s how you can overcome them, too!

Prayer: Whomever you choose to offer your prayers to, start your day in gratitude and appreciation for the opportunity to wake up breathing.  Someone somewhere just took their last breath, and thankfully it wasn’t you.

Affirmation:  I call affirmations ‘dynamic statements of truth”.  Spend some time affirming truth, and remember when evaluating your present circumstances, affirm “this too shall pass”.

Study:  It pays to study the circumstances you’re experiencing, and what actions and attitudes preceded them.  You can use this insight to avoid making the same mistake twice.  If circumstances are undesirable, you don’t necessarily want to dwell on them, but you don’t want to make the mistake of failing to extract the valuable lessons from them, either. Napoleon Hill said “in every adversity there is a seed of an equivalent or greater benefit”.  Sometimes you have to dig deep to find it, but it’s there.

Taking Action:  The number one fuel for getting out of a “funk” is taking inspired actions.  Ideally, the actions are in support of your goals.  If you can’t bring yourself to get to work on YOUR goals at the moment, find a friend or someone else in need and go do something to help them.  Actions like this will shift your thinking away from the things that are not supporting your growth, and onto the things that will.

   Just remember P.A.S.T.A!pasta

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