If You Had Your Act Totally Together, What Would That Look Like?

(This post is #5 in a series of 20 Questions to Self that I recently posted on this blog.)

I’d like to encourage you to ask and answer these questions, too.  The insights you discover will inspire you.

Q:  If you had your act totally together, what would that look like?

A:  I’d spend the majority of my day living from my purpose, and sharing my knowledge, gifts, and talents for the benefit of others.

It goes way beyond that, but here’s the first part…

Every once-in-awhile, I’ll be talking to another coach (yes, I have my own coaches!), and the topic of the “perfect day” comes up.

The idea is that if you will create a vivid and detailed picture of what your perfect day would look like, you will increase the likelihood of actually experiencing perfect days more often.

Sounds easy enough, right?

But here’s where I used to get hung up.  As I’d think about my perfect day, I began realize that there are a bunch of things that I’m required to do that are NOT on my perfect day list!  Things like work, taking out the trash, paying bills…you get the drift.  And if these things were not on my list, then they wouldn’t get done.  Of course, if they didn’t get done, well, life would end.  (Okay, maybe not quite that severe.)

Then the truth hit me like a lightning bolt…  Every day cannot be perfect…yet you can find and create perfect experiences within every day. (TWEET THIS).

So I decided to get busy creating my single, perfect day, and then I’d commit to creating perfect experiences within the days that were not-so-perfect.  Perfection within imperfection. perfection

All I needed to do was get crystal-clear on what my perfect day looked like, and then be okay with the knowledge that it’s not gonna happen every day.  But that shouldn’t stop me from creating and desiring to experience one.  Nor should it stop you.

It is possible to experience a perfect day.  It is possible for you to create perfect experiences within any day.  You only need to decide what that looks like for you.

So let’s get to work!

  • Grab a pen and paper
  • At the top, write “My Perfect Day”
  • List all of the things you’d want to experience on your Perfect Day
  • Assign a duration of time to each item, and then decide at what hour each item would happen
  • Keep this list handy, and commit to finding ONE DAY within the next 30 days that you’re going to attempt to do everything on the list

The truth is that some days are going to feel like the opposite of perfect.  Know this, that one perfect day can make up for a whole bunch of those other days.

I’d love to hear about your perfect day, and your experience with this exercise.  Please comment below or send an email to jshoop@coachshoop.com.  You show me yours and I’ll show you mine!

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