Is There A Difference Between Purpose, and Vision?

Recently, I was reading an old issue of the magazine “Personal Development”, and came across an article written by one of my mentors, Bob Proctor.

I’m very fortunate to have been coached by Bob, and I know of no one else who is more effective at explaining exactly how our thoughts are directly responsible for every outcome that we experience.

In this particular article, he discussed how easy it is for people to confuse Vision with Purpose.  He compared our Purpose to the Sun, and he related our Vision and goals to the planets that revolve around the Sun.

Makes perfect sense, right?

The Sun (your Purpose) is the fixed, stable element that represents your “Why?”  Why you wake up every morning.  Why you go to work every day.

And what if you’re not sure exactly what your Why is?

Well, friend…that presents a bit of a challenge.  Without knowledge of your purpose, it is impossible to craft a vision of how you intend to fulfill that purpose.

(But here’s a little secret…)  You DO have a Purpose, regardless of your current level of awareness of its existence.

You are here on Earth for a reason.  And since there is only one YOU, that reason, that purpose — is unique to you and you, alone.

There are numerous tips, tools, and programs available to help you to discover and recognize your purpose.  If you’re anything like me, you may have even tried some of them, yet still felt disconnected from your “Why?”

Don’t EVER stop trying to figure it out.  Keep questioning yourself.  You have a responsibility not only to yourself, but to the world, to figure it out.

Don’t die wondering.

Here are three tips that I’ve found useful in helping to unlock your Purpose.

1)  Get Quiet – Carve out some time, either in nature or in silence, where you can just BE.  Do your best to eliminate distractions.  Your mind may have other ideas, and it may be inclined to wander all about… Focus on your breathing, and be still.

2)  Get Introspective – Spend some time thinking about what brings you Joy.  Don’t worry about whether or not you could produce income from it…we’re talking about producing happiness, for now.  Reflect back on times when you felt like you were “in the zone”, doing something where you felt inspired.  Let those memories resonate within you.

3)  Get Creative – In the excellent book “Three Feet From Gold“, there is a great exercise that recommends making a list of the top 10 things that you are passionate about.  On a separate page, you are to list 10 things that you have a talent for.  Then with the help of a friend (or friends), you ask them to remove an item from each list.  You continue this process with the help of others, until you’ve reduced the lists down to only one item on each.

Once completed, I want you to start thinking about how you might be able to combine what it is you are most passionate about, with that which you have a talent for.

And when I say “think” about it, I really mean intensely focus upon it – (to the exclusion of all other thoughts.)  Ask yourself, “How could I create a role and environment that would allow me to experience both my passion and my talent at the same time”?

Then, get quiet again, and wait for an answer.  Do this daily, or as often as possible and necessary.

When you demand an answer to your questions with persistence and faith, the answers WILL come.  But you’ve got to tune out all the “noise” in your world, and focus on the belief that an answer exists.

And when your Purpose finally reveals itself to you, then you are ready to start working on the action steps required to bring your purposeful ideas into reality.

Be sure to check out The Success Bullseye for additional resources in identifying or further clarifying your “why”.