When Was The Last Time You Touched Yourself? … (and 19 Other Random Questions to Self)

Hold on now, don’t go all crazy on me… 

When I say “touched”, I mean that you experienced something that moved your spirit.

Recently, I blogged about asking better questions in order to get better answers.  Then, I started to personally reflect on the questions that I’ve been asking myself lately.  It appears that I’ve allowed my recent self-talk to become infiltrated with some serious noise and distraction.  WTF!  I totally know better!

It reminded me of something I overheard from one of my mentors, John Maxwell, “I strive to live up to the level of my teaching.” (TWEET THIS!)

Wow…  Even one of the foremost experts in the field of leadership and personal development has struggles when it comes to living on purpose! 

Can you imagine?  And I thought that guy had it ALL figured out.  Turns out, none of us really do.  But we’re working on it… and the key is giving it your best shot.  The best way to get on track after you’ve been knocked off track is to commit to getting back on track.  Duh!

Have you ever consciously sat down with yourself, and said “Hello, Self.  I’d like to ask you some questions.”?

Without going all “woo-woo” on you, this is an exercise that will have a profound impact on your psychology and how you show up in the world from this day forward.  I want you to full-on commit to doing it.  It will require some quiet time, some introspection, and a willingness to be completely honest with yourself.  No sugar-coating any of it.

95% of the people that read this post will say, “That’s nice… sounds like an interesting exercise.”  And then they will move on to something slightly more trivial and ultimately useless for their future growth.

Be among the 5% that says, “I need these answers.  I’m going to do this.  It’s time to get serious about my personal success!”

You can use some of my questions, or you can come up with 20 questions of your own.  Once you’ve got the questions down, it’s time to get to work on the answers.  You don’t have to do it all in one setting.  Just do it.

And remember, create great questions, not shitty questions.

Consider this… Does it help you to have an answer to a shitty question?  (My survey say’s “NO”.  So stop asking shitty questions.)

Here are my 20 questions to Self… (In future posts, I’ll include my answers):

1)  When was the last time you did something for yourself that moved your spirit to tears? (Yeah, meaning touching yourself.)

2)  What can I do today to move me into a state of higher awareness?

3)  What habits do you need to change, or answers would you need to hear, in order to stop living from your old stories?

4)  When was the last time you invested in YOU?

5)  If you had your act totally together, what would that look like?

6)  What would a person who is fully present, that has what I want, need to believe in order to make it happen on their terms?

7)  What is my highest good?

8)  What can I make and sell one million of?

9)  What are you doing today to challenge yourself to overcome undesirable circumstances?

10)  Who am I in the bigger picture of it all?

11)  What is the one bottleneck in your world, that if it were removed, would have the single biggest impact for you?

12)  If it weren’t impossible, what would be my next step?

13)  How can I most effectively communicate my desire to “express” instead of “impress”?

14)  What are the actions that I’m willing to take today, to do my part, to feel good about my efforts, regardless of the outcome?

15)  What actions can I take today to express joy, optimism, and enthusiasm? (What I call J.O.E.)

16)  What can I do today to be sure that I keep the most important things remain a firm and urgent priority?

17)  Are your motives and efforts in alignment with your skills, talents, and things that you say you want out of life?

18)  In what areas of my life do I need to dial up my passion and renew my commitments?

19)  What habits or relationships are you finally willing to let go of so that you can have more of what you truly desire?

20)  What would your life be like if you could see God in everything?

If I could only reach through the screen, look you in the eyes, give you a big ol’ hug and say, “Let’s get to work on this” –  I totally would.

Please share your experiences with this exercise if you are feel inclined!  I love hearing your feedback.

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