Group Coaching

J. Shoop offers a variety of flexible coaching programs suited for small groups, sales divisions, non-profits, and executive leadership teams.
(For larger groups, he will customize intensive training, tailored to your organization’s specific needs.)

Group coaching programs can either be facilitated live-and-in-person, or via teleconference or webinar.

Group Coaching is right for you if:

–  You need more than a “do-it-yourself” solution, but are not yet ready for an intensive, one-to-one coaching relationship.

–  You like the energy and synergy created by engaging with and strategizing with like-minded achievers.

–  You want to learn proven strategies, tips, and techniques for achieving maximum results and success.

–  You want to take a no-risk step in moving forward on your decision to achieve the success you desire and deserve.

Participants in our Group Coaching programs can expect to achieve maximum effectiveness in:

–  Setting and achieving goals
–  Improving clarity and focus
–  Leveraging and maintaining inter-personal relationships
–  Creating and sustaining effective networks and associations
–  Upgrading personal leadership skills for the new economy
–  Developing and maintaining an optimistic outlook and attitude

We host complimentary Group Coaching sessions and webinars, check back here often for info on the next one!

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