As we continue our journey to the center of the Success Bullseye, we come to the second “O”, which stands for Outlook.

Developing an optimistic outlook is the magic ingredient to becoming your best.

Your Outlook, or attitude, can be described as the composite of all of your thoughts, feelings, and actions.

In Shaun Achor’s excellent book, ‘The Happiness Advantage”, he discovered that only about 25% of your future success can be predicted by your education and knowledge base.

The other 75% of your success is affected by three other critical factors.

Would you like to know what those three critical factors are?

The first is your level of Optimism, which we will define as your Outlook.

In the Success Bullseye, you will learn the latest, most effective strategies for elevating your levels of optimism while further developing your positive mental attitude.

We will also unlock the other two critical factors mentioned above.

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