The final step in the Success Bullseye begins with “P”, for Purpose.

It is in the center of the target, because it is ultimately the most important element of all.

And in life, we all have hopes and dreams, and some of us have BIG plans and even BIGGER goals…and the challenge is, not all of us have clearly identified HOW we are going to get these things, and more importantly, WHY we want these things in the first place.

My own personal definition of Purpose is;  My contribution to my family, to my clients, to the greater good, and to future generations, while intentionally and consistently investing my time in activities that make me feel good.

In the Success Bullseye, we will work to uncover your unique Purpose, and if you already have an awareness of your Purpose, we will help you to further clarify and live from that place of purpose with more passion, enthusiasm, and frequency.

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