What Can You Make and Sell One Million Of?

(This post is #8 in a series of 20 Questions to Self that I recently posted on this blog.)

I’d like to encourage you to ask and answer these questions, too.  The insights you discover will inspire you.

Q:  What can I make and sell one million of?

A:  I’m currently in the pre-production stages of an invention that I could TOTALLY sell one million of!

The concept is done, the design is nearly done, and shortly after that, a proto-type will be ready for testing!

Several years back, the Law of Attraction became more prominent in the mainstream consciousness thanks to a little book called “The Secret“.  The Law was not new, but the marketing and expansion of it’s existence were being presented in a new light.

Sometimes all it takes for you to make a quantum leap is an unexpected beam of light.  (TWEET THIS!)

For many years after learning about the the Law of Attraction, I had consciously made “money” the object of my focus.  The way I figured, if I had a bunch of money I could buy anything thing else I needed.  Sounds logical, right?

But what I discovered was that the object of my focus should be ideas.  Everything of consequence, and every fortune ever created came as a result of someone leveraging an idea whose time had come.

Since then, I’ve been on the lookout for great ideas.  I keep my ideas in a little journal I created for myself called the “idea tank”.idea

I’d like to encourage you to tune into the ideas that are constantly coming to you.  Some might be crazy ideas.  Some could just be fantasy.  And some of them just might work.  One idea might be all it takes for you to have your big break.

There is a little-known secret linked to the Law of Attraction that will help you to accelerate the process of converting an idea into physical reality.  It’s called Speed of Execution.

If you will commit to taking the first two of the following four steps IMMEDIATELY when you have an idea, it’s as good as done.

Here’s how it works.

  1. Capture it – Write your idea down in a journal, record a voice memo, or create your own “idea tank” of ideas.
  2. Create an Action for it -Take SOME immediate action on moving the idea forward, even if it seems insignificant.  Google something about the idea, check out websites to see if it’s already in existence, and start thinking of names for your idea to keep the process moving.
  3. Cultivate it – Although it CAN happen, it’s uncommon for an idea to be perfected at the moment it comes to you.  Usually it’s just the seed of an idea, and the thought needs to be nurtured, pondered, and worked with as it becomes more developed.  If you’ve got the intuitive feeling that you’re on to something, find a way to think about and take actions on moving it forward every day.
  4. Conceal it – This one might seem a little weird at first, but hear me out…  You’re not going to conceal it forever, just in the early stages of it’s development.  A wise mentor once told me, ‘Don’t share your goals with people that can’t help you accomplish them.”  The same holds true with ideas.  You don’t want to share them with people that will kill your enthusiasm before the idea the chance to grow.

I’m looking forward to hearing about your successful ideas when you’re ready to share them with me and the world!

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