When Was The Last Time You Invested in YOU?

(This post answers Question #4 in a series of 20 Questions to Self that I recently posted on this blog.) 

I’d like to encourage you to ask and answer these questions, too.  The insights you discover will inspire you.

Q:  When was the the last time you invested in YOU?

A:  November 8th, 2013

It’s important that I define what I mean by an investment in Self.  Because there are many ways in which you can do so.  It’s not only about money, you can also invest time, energy, love, relaxation, and a variety of other resources.

For this question, I’m referring to a monetary investment in your personal development.

On the weekend of November 8th-10th, I invested time, energy, and money into ME.  In addition to sacrificing about 36 hours that could have been allocated to some other activity, I had to navigate, negotiate, and re-allocate resources.  I did so because I believed that this step was something that I HAD to do for my future, and to get to the next level personally and professionally.

In order to reap the rewards in life, we have to sow the seeds.  We have to be willing to pay the required price, in the form of learning, study, action, and investment.

I’m reminded of a quote attributed to Benjamin Franklin, which says, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

Uh, sorry, Benny-boy, I’ll have to disagree.benji

I believe that “An investment in know-how pays the best interest.” (TWEET THIS)

Knowledge by itself is a funny thing.  It seems like many people today are on an endless quest for more knowledge, but while engaged on this quest, they often miss out a very critical distinction.  You’ve likely heard it said that “knowledge is power”, yet it’s truly only potential power.

Without action, all the knowledge in the world won’t mean jack shit.

When you take action, you gain know-how.  Sometimes it’s the good kind of know-how, like developing skill and proficiency.  Sometimes it’s the “bad” kind of know-how, like learning how to NOT do something.  (Which actually turns out to be good anyway!)

If I shared my list of all the things I’ve learned how to do incorrectly, it would fill volumes.  I won’t bore you with those scary details, but rest assured, I could teach you a thousand ways to make a mess of things!

I once heard my mentor Jim Rohn say “It’s too bad failures don’t give seminars”.  What he meant was that we can learn a lot from others who have made critical mistakes, without having to make those mistakes for ourselves.

Don’t make the mistake of failing to invest in your own personal development.

Study great teachers, get the knowledge, then get the know-how by applying what you’ve learned.  Attend seminars.  Find mentors.  Read books.  But don’t be guilty of turning your library of self-help books into the “shelf-help” library!  You’ve got to apply the principles in order to get the benefits.

Please use the comment section below to share with me about the last time you invested in YOU, and how that investment is paying off in your world!

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