it's your time


His Vision

J Shoop believes that he was put on the planet to positively and profoundly alter your trajectory.

He believes that your story matters.

He knows that the right words, in the right order, at the right time, can literally change someone's life.

But if you never speak them, how will they ever know?

His Philosophy

J simplifies achievement for aspiring speakers and entrepreneurs by aligning their outer results with their inner wisdom.

What Does That Mean?

In life, we all have hopes and dreams, and some of us have BIG plans and even bigger goals. 

And the challenge is that not all of us have clearly identified HOW we are going to get these things, or more importantly, WHY we even want these things in the first place.

Along his journey in the field of personal development, J has created simple, yet powerful systems designed to help you develop the communication strategies, tactics, execution, and philosophy that you'll need to accomplish your goals.

Your new blueprint for achievement will help you to dynamically transform the levels of success in your life, and when combined with your positive attitude, will empower you to identify or further clarify your "why."


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