You Were Designed For More Than Average

Praise for "The Death of Mediocrity"

“This book is just the way I like them…short and to the point! But don’t let its compact size fool you, it is packed with plenty of nuggets of wisdom and actionable strategies for rising to the top.” ~ Greg S. Reid – Keynote Speaker, Author, Film Maker

“Moving, spiritual, and practical, “The Death of Mediocrity” reminds us that we have the power to rise above the ordinary, and through daily effort, create the lives we envision. J. Shoop walks his talk. He passionately invites his readers to walk theirs.” ~ Jason Freeman – Author of “Awkwardly Awesome: Embracing My Imperfect Best”

“In demonstrating his unending commitment to simplicity, J. Shoop guides us to honestly assess our current reality, while providing everlasting wisdom and guidance to lead us to a better future. He emphatically challenges us to consistently expect more from ourselves, and to purposefully engage in noble and worthwhile activities that will add value to humanity. I love his heart and commitment!” ~ Doria "DC" Cordova – CEO, Global Business Developer, Sustainability Entrepreneur

“Uncomplicated and straightforward, J. Shoop shares proven, time-honored ideas that can be implemented this very moment to move beyond mediocrity. This book encourages you to get uncomfortable with “average,” while offering key insights and ideas for moving to your next level.” ~ Bob Donnell – CEO, Everything Next Level

“The Death of Mediocrity” is a fantastic read, rooted in real-world wisdom, humility, and a spirit of service to others. In a culture that tends to force feed an agenda-driven narrative around success, I found this book very timely and useful in my own life and business endeavors.” ~ Bryon Kibildis – CFP®, Financial Advisor

“Coach J. Shoop so capably writes about this great need, to go from mediocrity to above-average. His words, as well as his repeated calls to action, are only surpassed by the way he personally lives from them. Great book.” ~ Steve “Stealth” Miller – Mentor, Coach, Consultant

“The timeless truths in this powerful book by J. Shoop will help you break free from mediocrity and claim your God-given potential.” ~ Doug Grady – Keynote Speaker, Author of “The Ripple Effect”

“Part of J. Shoop’s mission is to help you navigate the journey of your own best life. Your reading of this book demonstrates your interest in learning to move beyond mediocrity, but interest alone won’t cut it. Read, digest, and study the lessons. Allow J. to be your guide and you’ll go much further than you can even imagine.” ~ Jodee Bock – Coach, Speaker, Trainer, facilitator and author of “The 100% Factor” and the “Own Your Story” series

“I totally love the idea of “The Death of Mediocrity.” Beyond the concept, I appreciate inspired actions. J. Shoop challenges us to study our attitudes and make course-corrections as necessary, as it has been proven that a winning attitude will improve both actions AND results. His direct, yet compassionate, instructional style is sure to help you ‘think’ more effectively and crush your worthy goals!” ~ John Thompson – COO, Intero Real Estate

"No matter where you are on your life journey, this book provides important wisdom, with simplified concepts and actions to help you become the best version of yourself and live your most desired life." ~ Alix Tingle – Director of Operations, GameChangers USA

“In this world of information overload, it’s refreshing to have so much wisdom distilled into such a concise package. Read it in an afternoon - reread it for a lifetime.” ~ Stephen J. Carson – CryptoVangelist, Founder of WealthBitz, Humanitarian

“Are you ready to move from mediocrity to magnificence? It's all about intrinsic motivation and J Shoop's book is full of tips, reflections and applications you can integrate into your life immediately. If you have been searching for a concise, comprehensive read to help you raise the bar on life, look no further. You'll be opening this gem repeatedly in the years to come as you begin to see the positive changes. Turn your back on mediocrity so you can live tremendously!” ~ Tracey Jones – President, Tremendous Leadership

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